Designed for holding small group meetings, collaborative working or even a private virtual meeting in an outdoor setting the HYVE Meet Space brings an added luxury touch to the Hospitality or Corporate sector.

With full connectivity this package has everything for busy professionals to step aside to have focus time in the midst of their crowded day.

The healthier choice.

Standard specification

• CombLyne heat-treated TGV cladding
• CombTop EPDM & sedum roofcover
• Fully glazed single, double sliding or bifold aluminium doors
• Double glazed aluminium windows
• Solidly insulated walls, floor and roof
• Painted metal roof trim
• Commercial carpet, wood laminate or vinyl flooring
• CombLyne wood grain veneer MDF or PVC wall panelling
• CombLyne PVC panel ceiling
• LED lighting
• Power and heating packs
• Furniture options
• Wi-Fi connectivity